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08:00-17:00 Elective Workshop
Starting with the End in Mind – Virtual Surgical Planning and Implant Placement in Maxillo-Mandibular Reconstruction & Rehabilitation
14:00-19:00 Meeting Registration
17:00-19:00 Welcome Reception
17:00-19:00 ANZHNCS Board Meeting
19:00-22:00 ISMR Board Meeting
07:30-17:00 Meeting Registration
08:00 Welcome
08:15-12:30 Plenary Session
Starting with the End in Mind
Moderator/s: Tim Iseli & Dan O’Connell

08:15 Chris O’Brien Oration: Bernie Lyons
Tailored Approaches to Skull Base Tumours- Bigger is not necessarily Better (20 minutes)
08:35 Invited Speaker: Ros Dowse
The Gap Between Outcomes and Lived Reality: A Patient’s Exploration
(20 minutes)
08:55 Keynote Speaker: Jolie Ringash
What Measure Affects What we do: The Importance of Outcome Measures (30 minutes)
09:25 Keynote Speaker: Jo Patterson
Swallowing Outcome Measures: Selection, Delivery, and Performance
(30 minutes)
10:00 Break
Starting with the End in Mind
Moderator/s: Peter Gerngross & David Wiesenfeld
10:45 Keynote Speaker: Dennis Rohner
Occlusion Driven Planning for Complex Maxillofacial Reconstruction
(30 minutes)
11:15 Keynote Speaker: Hadi Seikaly
Reducing Head and Neck Cancer Morbidity Through Surgery (30 minutes)
11:45 Keynote Speaker: Mark Zafereo
New Hope for Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer in the Era of Targeted Therapy (30 minutes)
12:15 Discussion
12:30-13:30 Lunch and Exhibits
13:30-17:00 Concurrent Sessions

Reconstruction & Rehabilitation
Moderator/s: Richard Barton & Martin Osswald

Skin Cancer & Surgery
Moderator/s: Vanessa Estall  & Sorway Chan


Keynote Speaker: Hadi Seikaly
Digitally Planned and Occlusion Driven Mandibular Reconstruction
(15 minutes)

Kartik Vasan
Nodal Ratio: Prognostic Utility in Cutaneous Hnscc; A Multi-Institutional Study (10 minutes)


Amshuman Rao
Acinic Cell Carcinoma of the Parotid: A Retrospective Cohort Study (10 minutes)


Keynote Speaker: Dennis Rohner
Zygoma Implants and Maxillectomies – An Alternative for Free Flaps
(15 minutes)


Robert Calvisi
Lymph Node Metastasis In Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Lip (10 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Jeremy Wilson
Lip Reconstruction (15 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Jonathan Clark
Reconstruction after Radical Parotidectomy
(15 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Martin Batstone
Free Flap Monitoring (15 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Susan Coulson
Facial Nerve Rehabilitation (15 minutes)


Lei Wang
Innervation Prevents Early-Staged Resorption in Iliac Flap For Mandibular Reconstruction
(10 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Alesha Thai
Primary Analysis of Phase 2 Results for Cemiplimab (REGN2810), a Human Monoclonal Anti-PD-1, in
Patients with Metastatic Cutaneous
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (15 minutes)


Rehabilitation Using Zygomatic Implants and Carbon Fiber Framework
(10 minutes)


Keynote Speaker: Kevin Emerick
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Cutaneous SCC
(15 minutes)


An Cad/Cam Solution for Facial Prostheses: China’s Experience
(10 minutes)

15:00 Break
15:30-17:00 Concurrent Sessions

Maximizing Rehabilitation Through Reconstruction –
Cases with the Experts
Moderator/s: Rachelle Robinson & Robert Taft

Larynx & Airway Complications
Moderator/s: Peter Thomson & Kellie Hancock


Panel: Hadi Seikaly, Martin Batstone, Jonathan Clark, Richard Barton, Kevin Emerick



Tongue Tip Defects


Subtotal Glossectomy Defects


Mandibular Reconstruction


Maxillary Reconstruction


Reconstruction in the previously operated and irradiated neck

Keynote Speaker: Mark Zafereo
Techniques for Managing Locoregionally Advanced Thyroid Cancer
(15 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Amanda Richards
Functional Outcomes in Managing Early Glottic Cancer (15 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Julia Crawford
Management of Advanced and Recurrent Laryngeal Tumors
(15 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Caroline C. Jeffery
Management of the Dysfunctional Larynx after (Chemo)-Irradiation
(15 minutes)


Damian Kotevski
Use of Statistical Models in Head and Neck Cancer Survival (10 minutes)


Brett Leavers
Open Surgical Management Of Upper Airway Tumours (10 minutes)


Leonie Shaw
Postoperative Pulmonary Complications Following Major Head and Neck Cancer Surgery (10 minutes)

17:00 Adjourn
17:00-19:00 Poster Session and Exhibit Reception
Launch Presentation from “The Swallows” and Beyond Five
FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2018
07:30-17:30 Meeting Registration
07:30-07:35 Welcome to WHNCD
07:35-08:20 Mark Zafereo, Dr. Vince Biron, Craig Howes
Providing Head and Neck Cancer Care in the Developing World
Moderator: Dan O’Connell
08:30-13:30 Concurrent Sessions

Moderator/s: Matt Magarey & Elizabeth Sigston

Oral Rehabilitation: Pretreatment Decisions and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
Moderator/s: Robert Taft & Hadi Seikaly

Nursing Session
Chair: Cheryl Kelly & Virginia Thomson


Keynote Speaker: Mark Zafereo
Changes in Treatment Patterns for Medullary Thyroid Cancer
(30 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Devin Okay
Pre-Treatment Protocols to Optimize Outcome with
Vascularized Bone Free Flap Reconstruction of Maxillo-Mandibular Defects USA (20 minutes)

08:30 – Cheryl Kelly
President ENT H&N Nurses Group OHNNG
(3 minutes)
08:33 – Julie McCrossin
H&N Cancer Awareness – Spreading the Message
(8 minutes)08:45 – Courtney Thornely
Immunotherapy and H&N Cancer
(20 minutes)
09:05 – Meg Chiswell
Addressing Communication Challenges in Cancer Care
(30 minutes)09:35 – Patient Forum
An Open Discussion with H&N Cancer Survivors
(25 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Harry Reintsema
Pre Treatment Protocols Netherlands
(20 minutes)


Invited Speaker: David Pattison
Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy for Advanced Thyroid Cancer
(20 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Meriting Thokoane
Head and Neck Rehabilitation: How Pretreatment Choices Impact the Final Outcomes?
(20 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Ben Solomon
Systemic Options in Advanced Thyroid Malignancies
(20 minutes)


Application of Prefabricate Denture In
The Rehabilitation of Oralmaxillofacial
Deformity (10 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Vincent Biron
Mutation Profiling of Thyroid Nodules Using Ddpcr
(20 minutes)

Waqas Tanveer
To Evaluate Peel-Bond Strength Between Plexiglas-Acrylic and Maxillofacial Silicone
(10 minutes)


Ting Jiao
Digital Technology to Design and Fabricate Obturators (10 minutes)

10:00-10:45 Break

Moderator/s: Bena Cartmill & Adnan Safdar & Tsien Fua

Tumour Biology
Moderator/s: Alesha Thai & Charbel Darido


Keynote Speaker: Jolie Ringash
Strategies to Reduce Radiation Treatment Toxicity in Oropharyngeal Cancer: What can be Accomplished Now
(20 minutes)

Nuwa Dharmawardana
Characterisation of Breath Volatile Compounds in Mucosal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (10 minutes)

 10:55 Sherif Idris
Second Hand Smoke In Patients With Head And Neck Cancer (10 minutes)

Keynote Speaker: Jo Patterson
Optimising Swallow Outcomes in Oropharyngeal Cancer (20 minutes)

Ashvini Abeysekera
Cxcr4 And Pd-1 Expression in Head and Neck Cancer with Perineural Spread
(10 minutes)


 Kartik Vasan
Exploring Mismatch Repair Protein Loss in Head and Neck SCC
(10 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Dan O’Connell
Surgical Approaches to the Oropharynx in the Era of TORS: Do We Really Need the Robot?
(15 minutes)

Jodie Trautman
Are There Inherited Genomic Predisposing Variants in Metastatic Cutaneous SCC?
(10 minutes)


Sabrina Koh
Head and Neck Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cancer Stem Cells
(10 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Vincent Biron
Role of Epigenetic Profiling in Oropharyngeal Cancer Management
(15 minutes)



Louise Thomas
Multiplex Gene Analysis of High Risk and Metastatic Cutaneous SCC
(10 minutes)


Benjamin Chua
Primary Trans-Oral Surgery and Risk-Adapted Radiotherapy for Early Tonsillar SCC
(10 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Charbel Darido
From Basic Research to Stratification of Therapies in Head and Neck Cancer
(15 minutes)


Howard Liu
Neck Dissection Rate in Node+ Hpv-Associated Oropharyngeal Carcinoma Following Chemoradiotherapy
(10 minutes)


Molly Barnhart
Optimising Radiotherapy to Swallowing Organs at Risk in Oropharyngeal Tumours
(10 minutes)

12:30-13:30 ANZHNCS Business Luncheon
12:30-13:30 ISMR Business Luncheon / Meeting
14:00-15:00 Concurrent Sessions

Oral Cavity
Moderator/s: Simon Lou & Harry Reintsema

Practice and Service Provision
Moderator/s: Madhari Chilkuri & Jacqui Frowen


Keynote Speaker: Dennis Rohner
Oral Function for Quality of Life in Cancer Patients (20 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Rosemary Seelaus
Anaplastology in Head & Neck Rehabilitation (20 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Tami Yap
Screening for Molecular Dysplasia in Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders
(15 minutes)

Felicity Megee
Patient Perception of Outcomes After Treatment of Oral Cancer (10 minutes)


Belinda Vangelov
Reactive Feeding Tube Use in Head and Neck Cancer (10 minutes)


 Invited Speaker: Martin Batstone
Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma Survival in Australia. Time for Some Modern Data
(15 minutes)


Rahu Jayakar
Eras Care Pathway or Major Head and Neck Cancer Patients (10 minutes)


Kartik Vasan
Impact of Age on Prognostic Factors for Non-Hpv Mucosal HNSCC (10 minutes)

Louise Malcolm
A Private Allied Health Hn Service: Opportunities, Challenges, Outcomes (10 minutes)


Timothy Liu
Post-Operative Radiotherapy for Intermediate-Risk Oral SCC (10 minutes)

Rebecca Venchiarutti
Pathways to Treatment of Oropharynx, Oral Cavity and Cutaneous SCC
(10 minutes)


Rachelle Robinson
Survivorship in Surgery: Post-Treatment Swallowing Outcomes in Glossectomy Patients (10 minutes)

Kylie Lopes Floro
Quality Indicators in Head and Neck Cancers (10 minutes)


Caroline Speksnijder
Oral Functioning After Maxillectomy in Patients with Obturator or Reconstruction (10 minutes)

Kim Lunardi
Advanced Dietetics Practice – Maximizing Dietitian Function, Optimizing Patient Outcomes
(10 minutes)

15:30-16:00 Break
16:00-17:00 Concurrent Sessions

Survivorship: Treatment and Beyond
Moderator/s: Jolie Ringash & Belinda Vangelov

Skull Base
Moderator/s: Matthew Campbell & Hari Jeyarajan


Keynote Speaker: Jo Patterson
Developing a Biopsychosocial Approach to Dysphagia Care (20 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Karda Cavanagh
Perineural Spread and the Base of Skull- A Radiologist’s Perspective (15 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Ben Dixon
Surgical Assessment and Management of Perineural Invasion at the Skull Base (15 minutes)


Barbara Messing
Dysgeusia Prevalence and Impact During-Post Head and Neck Cancer Treatment (10 minutes)


Claire Jeans
Chronic Lymphoedema Following Head and Neck Cancer Management
(10 minutes)

Invited Speaker: Damien Grinsell
Skull Base Reconstruction (15 minutes)


Lachlan McDowell
Physician and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Imrt-Treated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
(10 minutes)


Invited Speaker: Richard Harvey
Endoscopic Surgery for Malignancy: When Minimal Access Doesn’t Imply Limited Surgery (15 minutes)


Emma Mckie
Naso-Gastric Tube Feeding During (Chemo) Radiotherapy: Patient Compliance and Perceived Barriers
(10 minutes)

17:00 Adjourn
19:00 ANZHNCS ISMR Gala Dinner Event
08:00-17:30 Meeting Registration
08:30-10:00 MDM Case Discussion
Moderator/s: Jolie Ringash
MDM Case Presentation
Panel: OMFS, ENT, Rad Onc, SP, Med Onc
MDM Case Discussion
10:00 Break
10:45-11:45 Plenary Session
Treatment Decision Making
Moderator/s: Dale Howes & Julia Maclean
10:45 Keynote Speaker: Kevin Emerick
Predicting Survival in Head & Neck Cancers (20 minutes)
11:05 Invited Speaker: Brian Stein
Predicting Toxicity from Systemic Therapy in Elderly Patients (20 minutes)
11:25 Keynote Speaker: Jolie Ringash
Treatment for Elderly Patients with HN Cancer (20 minutes)

The 2018 program schedule is subject to change.