Hands-On Anaplastology Course

Anaplastology – Hands-On!
July 24-26, 2018

This is an ISMR sponsored technical, hands-on training course in the planning & fabrication of facial prostheses with emphasis on surgical planning & techniques for implant-retention.
This is an official continuing education event for the Special Interest Group in Facial Prosthetic Rehabilitation, (SIG FPR) of the ISMR.


Course Description & Overview
The Special Interest Group in Facial Prosthetic Rehabilitation is proud to announce a new learning opportunity through the ISMR at the upcoming Asia-Pacific regional meeting in Melbourne Australia. This hands-on Anaplastology Surgical & Prosthetic Training Course will be held July 24-26, 2018 at the Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park during the 15th Meeting of the ISMR Meeting jointly with the Australian and New Zealand Head & Neck Cancer Society This course is designed for all levels of anaplastology skill sets and understanding. The beginner learner will be exposed to ALL aspects of anaplastology rehabilitative care; while the more experienced and advanced learners will enjoy opportunities to hone skills and consider alternate methods toward achieving improved treatment outcomes.
Didactic instruction will provide the background concepts and philosophies that contribute to effective treatment planning for the anaplastology patient. Hands-on training exercises will provide the opportunity for practitioners to develop their individual skills at their respective skill levels. Contemporary approaches to rehabilitative care will also be explored through lectures, case demonstrations and discussion with special consideration of the role of digital technologies and the future of surgical planning, reconstruction, and facial prosthetic rehabilitation. The course is designed to provide value for a broad range of specialists including: Anaplastologists, Technicians, Dentists, Prosthodontists, & Surgeons. A full day dedicated to surgical planning principles, rehabilitation-driven reconstruction and technical considerations for implant placement will ensure that participants are well-versed in preparedness toward optimal treatment outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to practice direct implant placement in bone models to ensure optimal understanding of surgical technical protocols.

Course Overview:
Day 1 (Tues): Fundamentals: Treatment Planning & Form Design (Ear)
Day 2 (Wed): Surgical Concepts & Technique
Day 3 (Thurs): Colouring, Casting, Delivery & Lifetime Maintenance.
The SIG FPR is an international group of professionals (ISMR members) dedicated to the pursuit, provision, and promotion of facial prosthetic rehabilitation services for individuals suffering from facial deformity and/or congenital conditions. Presently, the SIG FPR is comprised of approximately 30 members from 13 different countries. As as a part of the ISMR, the SIG FPR provides training opportunities for professionals at regional conferences throughout the world. Course Instructor Rosemary Seelaus is a Certified Clinical Anaplastologist and has served as Co-Chair of the Special Interest Group in Facial Prosthetic Rehabilitation together with colleague Mr. Peter Evans since the group’s inception more than five years ago. Ms. Seelaus, MAMS, CCA is Senior Anaplastologist at The Craniofacial Center, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Prior to her current position of 10 years, Ms. Seelaus was a Clinical Anaplastologist and Research Fellow at the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) in Edmonton, Canada. Ms. Seelaus received a Master of Associated Medical Sciences in Biomedical Visualization in 1997 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies & Fine Art in 1989 from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. Ms. Seelaus has been practicing clinically for twenty years and maintains a clinical focus on the use of osseointegrated implants and digital technology in facial prosthetic rehabilitation. She is past President of the International Anaplastology Association (IAA); served on the Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology (BCCA). In addition to her role as Co-Chair for the Special Interest Group in Facial Prosthetic Rehabilitation (SIGFPR) for the ISMR; Ms. Seelaus serves on the Board of Directors for the ADT Foundation – the Advanced Digital Technology in Head & Neck Reconstruction; and is an honorary member of the Latin American Society of Maxillofacial Rehabilitation.

Course Itinerary

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018:

Theme: Fundamentals: Treatment Planning & Form Design (Ear)

0800-0830: Course Registration
0830-0900: Introduction & Course Schedule Overview
0900-0930: Patient Selection & Treatment Planning
0930-1000: Capturing Patient Data – Impression Making – Didactic Instruction
1000–1015: Introduction to models & Materials
1015-1045: Coffee Break
1045-1130: Hands-On – Record Abutment level Impressions
1130-1200: Casting Impression & Preliminary Waxup
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1330: Concepts in Sculpting – Achieving Anatomical Accuracy & Naturalism in Prosthesis Design
1330-1430: Working Time
1430-1500: Technology is your friend – digital approaches toward achieving improved efficiency and accuracy in prosthesis design
1500-1530: Coffee Break
1530-1600: Working Time
1600-1630: Texture application & Marginal Integrity
1630-1700: Working Toward Completion – considerations for Mold Design

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Theme: Surgical Concepts & Technique – Surgical Workshop & Technical Demonstrations
0800-0815: Evolution of computer-assisted surgery and custom-made implants in maxilla-mandibular reconstruction – Dr Felix Sim
0815-1000: Implant Supported Craniofacial Rehabilitation – Prof. Dale Howes, Prof. Hadi Seikaly, Prof. Martin Osswald, Prof. Dan O’Connell
1000-1015: Coffee Break
1015-1100: Role of Zygomatic Implants in Head & Neck Oncology & Reconstruction – Prof. Dale Howes
1100-1130: Virtual Surgical Planning in Maxillo-mandibular reconstruction & rehabilitation – Prof. Dale Howes
1100-1130: Mandibular reconstruction (please see conference program for additional detail)
1130-1200: Live planning session – “Angle to Angle Mandibular Reconstruction”
1200-1230: Maxillary Reconstruction (please see conference program for additional detail)
1230-1300: Live planning session – “Brown 3 Defect”
1300-1400: Lunch on your own
1400-1420: The role of the Prosthdontist in a multidisciplinary head and neck oncology team – Devin Okay
1420-1440: Post-Traumatic Stress in Prosthodontic management of Head & Neck Cancer – Meriting Thokoane
1440-1500: Functional Outcomes in Head & Neck Cancer – Harry Reintsema
1500-1525: Long-term outcomes of craniofacial implants for the restoration of facial defects – Dr. Stephen Gibbons, Royal Melbourne Hospital
1525-1550: Anaplastology, Facial Prosthetics & Pre-prosthetic surgery: Surgical Considerations & Planning for Rehabilitation with Vistafix – Rosemary Seelaus
1550-1615: Surgical Technique with Vistafix-Jodie Oakley, Cochlear
1615-1700: Surgical Technique demonstration & Hands-On Surgeon’s Practice – Jodie Oakley, Cochlear
1700: Opening Reception ANZHCS / ISMR

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Theme: Colouring, Casting, Delivery & Lifetime Maintenance
0800-0830: Introduction & Schedule Overview; Introduction to Models & Materials
0830-0900: Colour Science & Application in Anaplastology
0900-0930: Silicone Overview & Clinical Application
0930-1000: Practical Colouration Techniques & Digital Tools for Objective Colour Measurement
1000–1030: Coffee Break
1030-1200: Colour Matching – Demonstration & Practice
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1345: Intrinsic Colouration & Packing Technique with demonstration
1345-1400: Priming Technique & Considerations
1400-1530: Working Time – Intrinsic Colouration & Packing
1530-1600: (working) Coffee Break
1600-1630: Extrinsic Colouration Concepts & Considerations w/ Demonstration
1630-1700: Working Time & Discussion
1700-1715: Course Close & Evaluations


Registration Fees
3 Day Course: $350 USD / $475 AUD >> Register Here